Firstly, the organization was brilliant- every student knew what to do and it was more coordination. I was scared at first part, at speaking, but it was the easiest part. The teachers were very friendly. Then, I went to next tests, reading and writing and listening. They were on very good computers. Finally, it wasn’t a very heavy exam.


Today I had my KET Cambridge exam. It was very easy. I worked a lot together with my teacher and my mother and today I was not so nervous. I liked the two examinators, they were very kind to me. The exam was organized very well, the classroom had a lot of laptops and the conditions were good for students.


I had different feelings for the exam, meaning I was impatient and excited but also rather nervous. We prepared almost two months for the exam with our English teacher and the progress I've showed with each done test gave me enough confidence for the final one. I knew the only things I needed to do were to pay attention at the reading part, be creative at the writing one, concentrate at the listening one and be myself at the speaking part. During the test there was a minor problem at listening, the laptop wouldn't load and I got scared, thought something bad must have happened. Fortunately, the teacher helped me and solved the problem. Everybody was so relaxed and happy, all the teachers smiling, I couldn't be the one so tense. After all, I've done so much for this big day so I relaxed and smiled too. I disliked how there was not even a tiny little break between the parts at listening, I just needed some to take a breath. And I wish I could've talked longer at speaking. But that's only my personal preference, I love talking. All in all, I wouldn't mind taking such an exam again and again because it felt like a familiar discovery, not a terrifying exam.


Even if I had big emotions about this examen, the confidence that my english teacher and the supervisors gave me was very helpful. This exam was a big step for me, because I realized my English level and I realized that I can do much better. The examen conducted as well I expected. I will definetly do this examen again, because it was interesting.


Although it wasn’t easy for me to prepare for the PET exam, I enjoyed to solve interesting exercises. On the one hand, it put my brain to think deeply, on the other hand I have been entertaining exercises. The most I liked was the speaking part, it’s interesting to communicate with a partner. Also, to choose between a letter and a story at part 3 at the writing test it’s a good idea.


This exam was a great experience for me, although I found it challenging as I progressed from a section to another. It helped me realise my current English level. I enjoyed particularly the speaking section , the supervisor was friendly and engaging in the dialogue which gave me a lot of confidence during the conversation. Overall, this was my first attempt to do an English exam, it was a little complicated due to pressure but I had the first hand experience now which would allow me to proceed the next time with much more maturity and confidence.


It is my first Cambridge exam so I was nervous but then when I heard all the instructions, I calmed down. They explained to me everything and if I had a question, I am sure that they will answer me with a smile on their faces. The listening was so great because I was hearing so good with the headphones. After that I had the speaking test. I was a little afraid and I was thinking that maybe I will not understand that accent but the examiners were so friendly and they give me confidence.

Marina Palanca si Dana Popescu, June 2014, Lexis School

Dear all, Va multumim din suflet pentru tot ajutorul si sprijinul acordat pe tot parcursul acestei sesiuni (si nu numai). Speakingul de duminica a fost un exemplu de professionalism pentru care meritati cu totii toate laudele. Faceti o echipa de milioane! Va multumim inca o data!”

Nicoleta Nechita - Liceul de Arte Margareta Sterian, Buzau

Datorita echipei de profesionisti EEC, nu doar noi profesorii ne-am familiarizat custandardele europene, ci si elevii au experimentat ce inseamna testarea si atestarea competentelor lingvistice la nivel international. Apreciez profesionalismul, rigurozitatea si seriozitatea echipei EEC in organizarea examenelor Cambridge. Desi nu cunosteam in amanut ce presupune acesta colabrare, acum pot afirma ca a fost un real castig atat pe plan personal, cat si profesional. Detinerea unui certificat Cambridge da veridicitate cunostintelor detinute de candidat la nivel international, fapt ce aduce un plus la imaginea si prestigiul institutiei noastre, confirmand pregatirea elevilor nostri in conformitate cu cerintele si nevoile sec. XXI.

Colaborator EEC

Keep up the great work! Multumesc pentru o sesiune Cambridge excelenta!

Colaborator EEC

Ma bucur ca am inceput colaborarea cu acest grup entuziast de profesionisti.

Cristina D. N.

Multumesc pentru promptitudinea si amabilitatea cu care mi-ati raspuns solicitarilor.

Prof. D. Postolachi

Ma bucur ca am inceput colaborarea cu acest grup entuziast de profesionisti

Prof. Serban

Keep up the great work! Multumesc pentru o sesiune Cambridge excelenta!

Loredana Stancuna, teacher of English, June 2014

Draga Oana, Iti multumim pentru inegalabilul profesionalism cu care ne coplesesti. Iti multumim pentru munca titanic depusa si iti transmit multe urari de bine din partea picilor foarte incantati de rezultatele lor.