I had different feelings for the exam, meaning I was impatient and excited but also rather nervous. We prepared almost two months for the exam with our English teacher and the progress I've showed with each done test gave me enough confidence for the final one. I knew the only things I needed to do were to pay attention at the reading part, be creative at the writing one, concentrate at the listening one and be myself at the speaking part. During the test there was a minor problem at listening, the laptop wouldn't load and I got scared, thought something bad must have happened. Fortunately, the teacher helped me and solved the problem. Everybody was so relaxed and happy, all the teachers smiling, I couldn't be the one so tense. After all, I've done so much for this big day so I relaxed and smiled too. I disliked how there was not even a tiny little break between the parts at listening, I just needed some to take a breath. And I wish I could've talked longer at speaking. But that's only my personal preference, I love talking. All in all, I wouldn't mind taking such an exam again and again because it felt like a familiar discovery, not a terrifying exam.